Jerusalem braces for snow
Aerial view of Jerusalem in snow. (Photo by: ISRAEL POLICE)

Wintry weather is expected to hit Jerusalem in the coming days, according to a forecast released by the Jerusalem municipality late Monday. Strong winds and low temperatures are expected, with the possibility of snow falling on Wednesday.

Mayor Moshe Lion noted that "the Jerusalem municipality is preparing for the possibility of snow."

"Alongside the celebration we hope there will be, the snow requires personal preparation of the residents, as well," Lion said. They "must act with discretion and responsibility and must heed the instructions of the municipality and the security forces."

After consulting with emergency and professional bodies, including the Israel Police and the Home Front Command, Lion's spokesperson announced on Tuesday afternoon that all schools, kindergartens and day-care centers would shut at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, to safeguard student's and resident's safety.

Special education transportation will be operated accordingly.

On Monday, the Jerusalem municipality announced that it would, in preparation for the possible snowfall, employ approximately 150 snow plows, tractors, salt dispensers and engineering tools capable of leveling the main roads. The municipality has 250 tons of salt to disperse upon the coming snow.

The municipality additionally recommended that residents of Jerusalem take proper precautions in the event of snowfall, such as equipping themselves with non-electrical heating devices, trimming greenery near cables, and so on.

In addition, the municipality will open a site within their official one which will store updated information of changes made in public transportation, open roads, electricity, and more due to the snow.

Jerusalem students may also have a snow day, something foreign to Israeli citizens.

Jerusalem braces for snow
Jerusalem in snow. (Photo by: Mendy Hechtman/Flash 90)
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