Arab squatters evicted from Jewish-owned home in Old City
Old City streets

Israeli police on Sunday evicted an Arab family from a building in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, after the Israeli Supreme Court found Jewish claimants were the rightful owners.

Arab rioters clashed with police during the eviction, AFP reported, while the Jewish owners took possession of the building.

According to a police spokesperson, two people were taken into custody during the clashes.

"They disturbed police activities," a police spokesperson said.

The building in question had been owned by a Jewish family, which lived there prior to the Israeli War of Independence in 1948, the left-wing group Peace Now said.

The owners were forced to flee when the Old City was occupied by the Jordanian army during the war.

Prior to the 1967 Six Day War, the owners had been unable to return to their home in the Old City, which remained under Jordanian occupation.

The Abu Asab family, however, claimed that it had been living in the home since the 1960s, and protested court orders restoring the building to its owners.

"We live there, it's my house, it's my whole life," said Rabia Abu Asab. "They took everything."

Earlier this month, the Abu Asab family had been issued eviction orders, requiring that they vacate the building by last Tuesday. The deadline came and went, however, with the squatters remaining in the building in violation of the courtís decision.

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