Netanyahu promises: I'll apply sovereignty to Judea, Samaria
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening told Channel 12 that if he leads the next government, he will work with "all the right-wing parties."

"There's a gap of four Knesset seats between us and the Blue and White party," Netanyahu said. "Likud voters are complacent. If [Blue and White leaders Benny] Gantz and [MK Yair] Lapid are leading by 4,5,6,7 Knesset seats, it's obvious that the President will ask them to form the next government."

"I will bring in all the right-wing parties. Anyone who wants to take a risk won't listen to me. In 2015 they listened to me, so I won."

Netanyahu also promised to apply sovereignty to Judea and Samaria.

"Yes, I'll apply sovereignty. I don't separate the large [settlement] blocs from the isolated points (settlements - ed.). And also: I'm going to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar very soon."

One year ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the illegal Bedouin settlement of Khan al-Ahmar be evacuated. However, despite explicit commitments by the State to act to relocate the Khan al-Ahmar outpost by June 2018, this has not been done to date, and there is no clear expectation if/when it will happen.

When asked about the debate between himself and Gantz, Netanyahu said, "They (Gantz and Lapid) should decide between themselves who will serve as prime minister. I don't argue with half a prime minister."

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