Netanyahu: I talked with Trump about Jordan Valley annexation
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a cornerstone laying ceremony for 12 new factories in Ashkelon, December 2, 2019. (photo credit: AMOS BEN GERSHOM, GPO)

Recognizing the Jordan Valley as Israel's eastern border was among the topics Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed in a recent phone call with US President Donald Trump, Netanyahu said on Monday.

Speaking at a cornerstone laying ceremony for 12 new factories in Ashkelon, Netanyahu characterized his conversation on Sunday with Trump as "very important" for Israel's security.

In addition to Iran, he said, "we also spoke at length about the historic opportunity that we have in the coming months, including the Jordan Valley as the recognized estern border of Israel, and also about a security pact with the US."

Netanyahu said these were things that "we could only dream about, but which now we have the opportunity to implement."

For this reason, he said, it was important to form a unity government with Blue and White's Benny Gantz.

Netanyahu vowed before the elections in September that he would annex the Jordan Valley.

Netanyahu's visit to Ashkelon was kept a secret and embargoed until after it was over, a routine followed whenever the prime minister goes to areas — such as border areas or Judea and Samaria — where there is concern that prior knowledge of a scheduled visit may pose a security risk.

Ashkelon has been battered by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, and Netanyau said that there would be no long term agreement regarding Gaza unless the "drizzle" of rocket ceases.

"We will put an end to it," he said, "that is our policy. We are doing this very aggressively, and you have seen our actions over the last few weeks."

Netanyahu said that Israel has "operational surprises" beyond what has already been seen. "We will not tolerate this drizzle, and will work to stop it," he said.

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