Celebrating Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem
Celebrating Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem

On Thursday night, Israelis, mostly young ones, went out waving flags, singing and dancing at Jerusalem's Zion Square, in a celebration of the promised Israeli sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and Judea and Samaria.

Sadly, this expression of boundless patriotic joy remained a tiny island of light in an otherwise dark sea of doubt, misgivings and outright hostility — and that's Israeli Jews.

We at JewishPress.com have been put through the wringer by the White House, which first urged Israelis to rejoice at the annexation of our settlements which was — so they promised — just around the corner, only to be let down the next day by the same White House which took it all back.

It was not unlike the IMAX experience: big, lavish, exciting, and then you give your glasses back to the ushers and go home to your cold flat to eat your meager dinner of herring and old matzo.

Thank you, for the ride, White House.

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