Israel Deploys 'Light Saber' Anti-Balloon Laser
'Light Saber' system.

The IDF has deployed a defense system to protect Israeli citizens who have been threatened endlessly by Gaza terrorists flying arson balloons across the border to southern Israel.

Now, meet Israel's "Light Saber" laser anti-balloon system, the Iron Dome system for IED arson balloons from Gaza.

"The system is a laser beam that converges through mirrors to the range that we decide, according to the range of the threat," explain the military personnel operating the laser. "It is possible to eliminate clusters of balloons coming in from Gaza with this laser."

"Israel Police together with Border Guard Police within the Technology and ICT Division will all continue to maintain the cutting edge of technology at the very forefront of technology, in the field of aerial threats and in other areas, in order to maintain the security of Israeli residents."

Today (Aug. 11) Gaza terrorists were the cause of at least 60 fires in southern Israel, some of them more serious than others. So far, at least 700 dunam of Israeli forestland, agricultural fields and other territory has once again been blackened by arson, according to the Jewish National Fund and Keren Kayemet L'Israel, local security personnel and other officials.

The 'Light Saber' is set to go into operation on Wednesday morning.

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