Chief Rabbi rules against COVID-19 vaccine
Bikur Cholim Hospital, Jerusalem. (Flash 90)

Bikur Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Aharon Ros yesterday issued a ruling counseling circumspection regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, claiming that it has come to his knowledge that physicians are pressured not to reveal what is known to them regarding its possible dangers.

Arutz Sheva has confirmed with Rabbi Ros that the ruling bearing his stamp is authentic.

Rabbi Ros wrote: "To the many who have asked whether to take an influenza vaccine, as the doctors and others apply great pressure to take vaccines, while on the other hand they do not publicize difficult cases that occurred after administering the flu vaccine, that there are those who reached the very gates of death from the vaccines, and doctors and their advisors are prevented from telling what is known to them to the wider public, but rather are required to speak against their conscience, or at the minimum to maintain silence and not express an opinion at all.

"In the past, when the subject was the Mexican flu, and physicians who were not beholden to the Health Ministry publicized their unfavorable opinion regarding the vaccine, and listed many details supporting this, and added that the aim of the vaccine was world depopulation. And in the subsequent years up until now, components from this vaccine have been added to the influenza vaccine available today. Many senior physicians, their students, and others have refrained from taking that vaccine.

"In the past I have been contacted by senior officials, asking why I express my opinion publicly, as it causes them damage, and they weren't embarrassed by the fact that they themselves refrained from receiving the vaccine.

"Therefore, I see it as my obligation to publicize this issue, to prevent hardship and injury from our brethren.

"And regarding the whooping cough vaccine, which is known to have injured many, so that until recently I have seen children whose lives became endangered immediately after receiving the vaccine, while also here the physicians oppose this vaccine, but they are subject to massive pressure not to reveal the cases of children hospitalized after receiving the vaccine, and it is permitted to desecrate the Sabbath for children endangered by this, and I have absolute personal knowledge of children who are still hospitalized ever since receiving the vaccine who undergo many and terrible sufferings.

"Certainly one should refrain from giving the whooping cough vaccine, and in all cases one should request to receive a vaccine without the whooping cough vaccine.

"Also regarding the measles vaccine I heard from doctors that they have been prevented from expressing their opinion, even when they themselves saw many patients who were injured by this vaccine, and as I wrote, the government prevents them from expressing their opinion, and I, too, was requested in the past not to express my opinion, while they are threatened with termination.

"And now I arrive to the subject of the COVID-19 vaccine, while the nature of coronavirus disease is still unknown, where it came from, who it injures and who it does not injure, and many kept all the guidelines and were badly hurt, while many who did not observe the guidelines were not harmed at all, and they are far from being able to think they understand this vaccine, and many doctors in Israel and abroad publicly opposed these vaccines, much more than all of the vaccines that have come out until now, and many misgivings have been written about it, especially since these vaccines have not been tested with all of the trials necessary for such vaccines, and some physicians have even written that this violates vaccine procedures and shouldn't be administered at all.

"I will close by saying that as long as their benefit has not been established with certainty, and as long as the injuries that may be caused by them have not been absolutely ruled out, and we get answers from the doctors, one should distance oneself and refrain from taking them."

Chief Rabbi rules against COVID-19 vaccine
Rabbi Aharon Ros' ruling. (Screenshot)
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