'Unusual new predator': Jackals attack humans in northern Israel
Jackals roaming near Tirat Zvi in northern Israel.

Nine people have been treated in hospitals for jackal bites in the past two days, in what has been described as an "epidemic" according to an N12 report.

Most of the jackal attacks occurred in the Nahariya area of northern Israel, where most of the victims were evacuated to the Galilee Medical Center. In a video sent to N12, a man was attacked after a jackal suddenly emerged at the distribution center where he works, and bit him in the leg. He stumbled to the floor while chasing the animal away.

All nine of the victims were reported to have experienced only mild bites to their limbs.

"I work at one of the businesses on Lohamei Haghetaot Street in Nahariya," one of the bitten people told N12.

"This morning I was sitting in the office and suddenly a jackal jumped on me, bit me in the leg and escaped."

The risk of being bitten by a jackal is in being infected by rabies, along with scarring where the bite occurred.

Discussing the phenomenon, Dan Alon, a representative of the Society for the Protection of Nature, said that "the size of the jackal population in Israel as a whole and in the north of the country in particular is very high, and it is a direct product of surplus food available to them."

The rise of the population of jackals was also said to be due to food not properly being disposed of, attracting the canines to areas populated by people.

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