Amazon employees call on Bezos, Jassy to cease IDF business contracts
People stand in the lobby of Amazon offices in New York, on February 14, 2019. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

More than 500 employees of US online retail behemoth Amazon, have signed a letter to CEO Jeff Bezos and CEO of Amazon Web Services Andy Jassy calling, on the company to sever business contracts with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), reported The Verge.

Further than that, the employees urged the company to actively support the Palestinians, although it was unclear if they meant the ones firing rockets at Israel's population centers.

"We call on Amazon executives to recognize the continued attack on basic human rights of Palestinians under illegal occupation [...]," the employees wrote.

"Amazon employs Palestinians in offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa and around the world. Ignoring the suffering faced by Palestinians and their families at home puts our Palestinian colleagues aside," the missive continued. It did not specify whether the workers understood that the Palestinian employees in Tel Aviv and Haifa also needed to run to bomb shelters or protected rooms when sirens alerted of incoming rockets.

Employees want the company to terminate commercial contracts with organizations "complicit in human rights abuses," such as "the Israel Defense Forces," they argued.

In April, Amazon and Google signed a $ 1.2 billion cloud deal with the Israeli government.

The note echoes similar petitions from workers at Apple and Google.

The move came in the wake of the 11-day conflict between the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, in which Islamists fired more than 4,300 missiles and mortars at Israeli civilians in communities abutting the Gaza Strip and further afield in its crowded central region.

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